Working at the intersection of biology and computer science, Amber Biology's consultants provide specialized skills and expertise in support of life science R&D, and life science software and product development.

Our collective areas of experience include: drug and diagnostic development, biotherapeutics, genomics, bioinformatics, data mining and data analysis, immunology, computational and systems biology, structural biology, protein engineering, modeling and simulation, machine learning, evolutionary computation, population genetics, cloud and high-performance computing, agent-based modeling, algorithm and software development, user experience design, agile software development and agile product management.

Amber Biology is based in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.

Coming soon to a bookstore near you ...

Python For The Life Sciences: A gentle introduction to Python for life scientists

For all of you life scientists working in the lab or the office, with calculators and Excel spreadsheets - and who've been telling themselves forever that it would be really useful to learn to code ..