a digital biology consulting firm working at the intersection of life science & computation

We help our clients solve their life science research and development problems through the application of computing

algorithms ∙ simulation ∙ software development ∙ biomolecular engineering


Working at the intersection of science and computation, we help our clients transform data into insight through the application of computational approaches ranging from the development of custom algorithms and software for exploring their research data in new ways - to the advanced, causal modeling and simulation of the complex systems that they are studying in the lab … read more


drug & diagnostic development • biotherapeutics • genomics • bioinformatics • data analysis • immunology • computational & systems biology • structural biology • evolutionary biology•exobiology •protein engineering • modeling & simulation • machine learning • evolutionary computation • population genetics • cloud & high-performance computing • agent-based modeling • algorithm & software development • user experience design • agile software development • agile product management