Amber Biology now offers on-site training in Python programming for biology and scientific computing

Digital Biology is a relatively new and rapidly growing life science field, whose expansion beyond bioinformatics is being driven by the recognition that computational approaches can be an invaluable adjunct to experimental and observational biology. In many life science organizations, both academic and commercial, hand calculators and spreadsheets are still widely used for many of the quantitative aspects of biological research, and the core curriculum of most life science college courses still includes little or no teaching in scientific computing, computational modeling  or computer programming.

If your academic or commercial organization is interested in bringing this set of unique skills to your own personnel, or enhancing your organization's in-house experience and knowledge in these areas, Amber Biology offers training in digital biology and scientific computing that can be tailored to your organization's needs.

Amber Biology's consultants offer on-site, experiential learning courses that combine traditional classroom teaching with hands-on workshops in which the students really assimilate their new skills and knowledge by applying them to real problems in biology.


Python For Life Scientists: A workshop-based course for life scientists with little or no prior coding experience

Having identified an urgent need for an introductory computer programming course tailored specifically for life scientists who want to use computers in their research, we wrote the book Python for the Life Sciences specifically for such an audience, and also created a unique course based upon the book. For more details, take a look at the Python For Life Scientists course page.

This course Python For Life Scientists, can be customized for between 20 and 40 hours of teaching and workshop sessions, and is based upon our book Python for the Life Sciences. Like the book, we created this course specifically for biologists with little or no prior experience writing code. At most colleges unfortunately, courses in coding and basic computer science are still not a part of the core curriculum for the life sciences, yet biologists are increasingly discovering the need to move beyond calculators and Excel™ spreadsheets in order to handle their data and the more quantitative aspects of their own research. Our aim on this course, is to provide the life scientist, with a foundation in Python sufficient for them to be able to start using it in their own research.

If you are interested in having us teach a course at your location, contact us.

Upcoming Courses

Python For Life Scientists at Boston Children's Hospital, Boston MA - Course starts: Jan. 2020     (Enrollment is limited to Children's Hospital researchers)

An 10-week introduction to computer programming in Python, for life scientists who want to use Python in their own research.